20 September 2019

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Floating Market Lembang

Floating Market Lembang

Just like in Banjarmasin, Floating Market Lembang is a market where the merchants do their trading above water. Despite the similarity, both of those markets have a major difference. Banjarmasin Floating Market operates on the Kuin River, meanwhile Lembang Floating Market was built on a man made lake.

The goods being traded at the Banjarmasin Floating Market are daily needs such as fruits and vegetables. Lembang Floating Market provide many typical foods from Bandung and West Java like soups, fishes, snacks, and traditional culinary products such as Lotek, Batagor, Karedok and grilled Durian fruit.

What makes Lembang Floating Market more special is it’s providing many entertaining activities as water bike, boat, water train, etc. You can also buy souvenirs from your visit.

Floating Market located at Jl. Grand Hotel No. 33, Lembang. 

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