20 September 2019

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Observatorium Boscha

Observatorium Boscha

Bosscha Observatory is the best place in Bandung to witness the beauty of this universe. Building process started since 1923 until 1928 on the Dutch Colonialism era. Thus, Bosscha Observatory crowned as the oldest astronomical observatory in Indonesia.

Its architecture is European style with semi-circle roof. Although it has been 90 years since this observatory was built, the exterior still looks perfectly strong and sturdy. The only time it has been renovated was on the World War 2.

Bosscha Observatory has several telescope, Zeiss Double Refractor, Schmidt Milky Way, Bamberg Refractor, Cassegrain GOTO, and Sun Telescope. Zeiss Double Refractor is the biggest of its kind, placed on top of the dome roof.

Bosscha Observatory can be visited by anyone, without entry ticket. But if you would like to use the Zeiss telescope, you have to fill the registration. For corporate or educational institution, scheduled on Tuesday to Friday. While private party visit allocated every Saturday.

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