20 September 2019

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Orchid Forest

Orchid Forest

Orchid Forest Cikole was opened in December 2017. This natural tourist attraction in Cikole, Lembang, West Java Province is in the form of green land planted with many orchids.
One of the mainstay points of Orchid Forest Cikole is a suspension bridge that stretches for 500 meters and is decorated with lights at night.
In addition, the Garden of Lights (Light Garden) where the light gives a warm feel on a dark and cold night in the middle of a pine forest.
As the name implies Orchid Forest Cikole or orchid forest, the place is also home to nearly a thousand types of orchids, both often encountered and rare.
Rare orchids are placed in a special greenhouse that is adjusted for humidity and temperature.
Visitors can buy orchids as souvenirs to visit Orchid Forest Cikole, but orchids sold are not rare orchids.

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